window-cleaningCount on the experts at Clean-A-Lot Sweep & Steam for window cleaning to any commercial building. Using filtered water and environmentally friendly cleaning methods, we ensure your windows are spotless.

There are many different methods of window cleaning, including water fed pole, lift work, swing stage, and bosun chair. A water fed pole is a long pole with a brush on the end. Filtered water is used in conjunction with the pole to clean the windows. These poles can be used on buildings with one to four floors.

For buildings between two and eight floors, we offer window cleaning using lift work. This utilizes a lift to gain access to the windows, and is only used if the building does not have approved anchor points on the roof. The use of a bosun chair is similar to rappelling down the side of the building. This method can only be used on buildings under 130 feet in height, and approved by OSHA.

Swing stage work is also available for buildings with the appropriate anchoring system installed, however the anchoring system must be approved by OSHA. Swing stage work is performed on the tallest buildings in Southern California. At Clean-A-Lot Sweep & Steam, our employees are highly trained in every window cleaning method available.

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